Enverge™ Air and Vapor Barrier

Enverge™ Air and Vapor Barrier

Enverge Air and Vapor Barrier is an asphalt-based, self-sealing wall barrier that provides energy savings and contributes to better air quality for building occupants. Building owners prefer Enverge Air and Vapor Barrier as a sustainable option for their buildings due to the reduced maintenance costs attributed to moisture and thermal control. Engineered and manufactured to create an impermeable barrier, Enverge Air and Vapor Barrier is built to perform for years to come.

Enverge Air and Vapor Barrier offers the following advantages:

  • Reflective facer provides energy savings
  • Self-sealing barrier
  • Consistent membrane thickness
  • Minimizes drafts and reduces moisture to guard against mold
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D5602, D1876, D903, E283, E96, and E330

Installation Considerations

  • Surface must be primed with an Enverge primer
  • Remove the release liner at a 45° angle in 3″ increments to promote correct alignment and installation continuity
  • The membrane should be firmly rolled from the center to the outside for maximum adhesion
  • Seams should overlap a minimum of 2″ for effective coverage
  • Self-seals around mechanical fasteners and minimizes air leakage around open gaps; foil flashing tape can also be used to seal penetrations

Watch our installation video for more details

File Name Size Download
Enverge Air Vapor Barrier Sell Sheet – Item 1704 207 kB
File Name Size Download
CW1 – Parapet Wall Detail 130 kB
CW2-Concrete Column Plan Detail 154 kB
CW3 – Steel Column Plan Detail 114 kB
CW4 – Control and Expansion Joint Plan Detail 124 kB
CW5 – Metal Window Frame Detail 167 kB
CW6 – Factory Insulated Window Frame Detail 170 kB
CW7 – Foundation Detail 146 kB
CW8 – Steel Studs – Shelf Angle Detail 131 kB
CW9 – CMU – Shelf Angle Detail 122 kB
File Name Size Download
SA-Solvent Based (SB) Primer SDS 1 MB
SA-Water Based (WB) Primer SDS 705 kB
File Name Size Download
SA-LVOC Primer – TIS 1449 227 kB
SA-Solvent Based (SB) Primer – TIS 605 226 kB
SA-Water Based (WB) Primer – TIS 606 142 kB
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