Roofing Insulation

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Polyiso Insulation

File Name Size Download
HailGard™ Composite Board – TIS 905482 kB
ISO 95+™ GL Insulation – TIS 901217 kB
ISO 95+™ GL Woodfiber Composite – TIS 903424 kB
ISOGARD™ HD Composite – TIS 91898 kB
ISOGARD™ HD Cover Board – TIS 916343 kB
RESISTA™ Insulation – TIS 917503 kB

Substrate / Roof Cover Boards

File Name Size Download
Blue Ridge STRUCTODEK® HD High Density Wood Fiber Insulation – TIS 953126 kB
DensDeck Prime Roof Board – TIS 910552 kB
DensDeck Roof Board – TIS 909602 kB
FiberTop™ Insulation – TIS 908409 kB
SECUROCK Glass-Mat – TIS 95288 kB

Foam Adhesives for Insulation

File Name Size Download
I.S.O. Fix™ II Adhesive – TIS 805516 kB
I.S.O. Spray™ S Adhesive – TIS 806145 kB
I.S.O. Stick ™ Insulation Adhesive – TIS 819299 kB
I.S.O. Twin Pack™ Adhesive – TIS 812536 kB
I.S.O. Twin Pack™ Adhesive – TIS 812534 kB
I.S.O. Twin Pack ™ Insulation Adhesive Hand Dispenser – TIS 1519284 kB

Insulation Attachment Patterns

File Name Size Download
ISO Fastener – TIS 950453 kB

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