Fasteners, Plates & Batten Strips

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File Name Size Download
All-Purpose Fasteners – TIS 100193 kB
All Purpose Stainless Steel Fasteners – TIS 1017215 kB
Coated Drive Pin Fastener – TIS 1008414 kB
Concrete Drive Fasteners – TIS 1005377 kB
Heavy Duty (HD) HailGard™ Fastener – TIS 101990 kB
Heavy Duty Fastener – TIS 100294 kB
Heavy Duty Plus Fastener – TIS 1009102 kB
IsoFast™ #12 Belted Fastener – TIS 101362 kB
IsoFast™ #15 Belted Fastener – TIS 1014424 kB
LWC Base-Ply Fastener (Lightweight Concrete) – TIS 1012417 kB
Polymer Fastener – TIS 1006467 kB
Purlin Fastener Black E-Coated – TIS 1011227 kB
Two Piece Impact Nail – TIS 1020119 kB
UNA-Clad™ #10 Fasteners – TIS 1023501 kB
UNA-Clad™ #12 Fasteners – TIS 1024474 kB
UNA-Clad™ #12 Purlin Drilling Fasteners – TIS 1025440 kB

Fastening Equipment

File Name Size Download
AP AccuTrac™ Kit – TIS 1007569 kB
HD AccuTrac™ Kit – TIS 1016551 kB

Fasteners with Plates

File Name Size Download
Pre-Assembled #12 Fastener and Plate – TIS 1003446 kB
Pre-Assembled HD and HD Seam Plate – TIS 1018416 kB
Pre-Assembled Heavy-Duty Fastener and Insulation Plate – TIS 1004499 kB


File Name Size Download
2” Metal Seam Plate – TIS 1101335 kB
Firestone UltraPly™ TPO InvisiWeld™ Plate – TIS 1111409 kB
HD Plus Seam Plate – TIS 110988 kB
Heavy Duty Seam Plate – TIS 1108103 kB
Insulation Fastening Plate – TIS 1106124 kB
Polymer Fastener Insulation Plate – TIS 1107125 kB
Polymer Fastener Plate – TIS 1102125 kB
V-Plate – TIS 1103130 kB

Batten Strips

File Name Size Download
Coiled Metal Batten Strip – TIS 1201314 kB
Metal Batten Strip – TIS 1202342 kB
Polymer Batten Strip – TIS 1207576 kB
Polymer Fastener Metal Batten Strip – TIS 1204358 kB

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