Platinum TPO Roofing Systems

Platinum TPO Roofing Systems

Firestone UltraPly™ Platinum TPO system is a thermoplastic roofing system backed by a 30-year warranty. Comprised of a durable, 80-mil-thick scrim-reinforced membrane, the UltraPly Platinum TPO system can be fully adhered or mechanically attached to Firestone insulation and fastened to a wide range of deck substrates.

The UltraPly Platinum TPO system features Firestone patented Wide-Weld technology to provide the industry’s widest field seams and highest mechanically attached wind ratings, while its scrim-reinforced membrane offers enhanced puncture, tear and abrasion resistance. The reflective surface of the UltraPly Platinum TPO system meets ENERGY STAR® standards for energy savings in warm climates, making it an exceptional long-term roofing value for building owners.

File Name Size Download
UltraPly TPO Products Brochure – Item 1165 7 MB
Ultraply TPO Platinum Membrane Sell Sheet – Item 1163 704 kB
File Name Size Download
PUT-BT-01 Base Tie-In With HD Seam Plates Fastened to Deck  28 kB
PUT-BT-02 Base Tie-In With HD Seam Plates Fastened to Wall/Curb  28 kB
PUT-BT-07 Base Tie-In Curb/Parapet with Existing Cant  29 kB
PUT-BT-08 Base Tie-In With UltaPly TPO Coated Metal (With Break)  27 kB
PUT-BT-09 UltraPly TPO Coated Metal (Wtih Break) Splice  37 kB
PUT-BT-10 Base Tie-In With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal  27 kB
PUT-BT-11 UltraPly TPO Coated Metal Splice  36 kB
PUT-BT-16 Membrane Securement at Outside Corner  45 kB
PUT-BT-17 Membrane Securement at Inside Corner 45 kB
PUT-C-01 Outside Corner  37 kB
PUT-C-05 Inside Corner  31 kB
PUT-C-06 Outside Corner With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal (With Break)  32 kB
PUT-C-07 Outside Corner With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal  37 kB
PUT-C-08 Base Tie-In With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal (With Break)  44 kB
PUT-C-09 Inside Corner With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal  36 kB
PUT-D-01 Roof Drain  32 kB
PUT-D-02 Overflow Roof Drain with Water Dam  32 kB
PUT-D-03 Firestone Drain Insert  39 kB
PUT-D-04 Roof Drain With Overflow Drain  38 kB
PUT-D-05 Thru-Wall Platinum TPO Coated Metal Scupper 35 kB
PUT-D-06 OverFlow Scupper Platinum TPO Coated Metal Scupper 34 kB
PUT-E-02 Expansion Joint (Field Fabricated) With Welded Splice Roof to Wall  36 kB
PUT-E-04 Expansion Joint (Field Fabricated) with Welded Splice and wood Nailer – Roof to Roof  34 kB
PUT-E-06 Expansion Joint (field fabricated) with Welded Splice – Roof to Roof  38 kB
PUT-E-08 Expansion Joint (manufacturer cover) with Wide Weld Splice  35 kB
PUT-E-10 Expansion Joint (field fabricated) Wide Weld Splice – Curb to Curb 38 kB
PUT-LS-01 Lap Splice With Continuous Single Weld  54 kB
PUT-LS-02 Lap Splice with 2″ Hand Weld  30 kB
PUT-LS-03 Lap Splice With Continuous Weld  27 kB
PUT-LS-06 Lap Splice with Headlap Under Field Seam using T-Joint Cover  29 kB
PUT-LS-08 Lap Splice with Headlap over Field Seam using T-Joint Cover 28 kB
PUT-P-01 Penetration With UltraPly TPO Large Pipe Flashing  172 kB
PUT-P-02 Penetration With UltraPly TPO Small Pipe Flashing  172 kB
PUT-P-04 Penetration With UltraPly TPO Flashing  159 kB
PUT-P-09 Penetration With TPO Penetration Pocket  69 kB
PUT-P-11 Penetration With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal Penetration Pocket to Nailer  69 kB
PUT-P-13 Penetration with Metal Penetration Pocket To Deck  76 kB
PUT-P-14 Penetration With Metal Penetration Pocket to Nailer for Recover or Reroof 75 kB
PUT-RE-01 Roof Edge With AnchorGard Platinum  29 kB
PUT-RE-05 Roof Edge With AnchorGard Extended Face  31 kB
PUT-RE-09 Roof Edge With Firestone EdgeGard 29 kB
PUT-RE-12 Roof Edge With Firestone EdgeGard  30 kB
PUT-RE-13 Roof Edge with Firestone Drain Bar  32 kB
PUT-RE-16 Roof Edge Gutter With UltraPly TPO Coated Metal  33 kB
PUT-RE-17 Roof Edge with Firestone Drain Bar  28 kB
PUT-T-06 Termination With Surfaced Mounted Counterflashing and Termination Bar  42 kB
PUT-T-11 Termination at Top of Wall With Coping  41 kB
PUT-T-12 Termination at Top of Wall with Firestone Coping  32 kB
PUT-T-13 Alternate Termination at Top of Wall with Firestone AnchorGard Platinum  29 kB
PUT-T-15 Termination at R.T.U. With CounterFlashing (unit Flange above membrane)  35 kB
PUT-T-18 Termination at R.T.U. with Welded Splice (unit flange mounted to substrate)  33 kB
PUT-T-19 Termination at R.T.U. with Welded Splice and Counterflashing (unit flange mounted to substrate)  37 kB
PUT-T-23 Intermediate Wall Flashing Attachment with Welded Splice 28 kB
File Name Size Download
UltraPly™ TPO Platinum™ Membrane 119 kB
File Name Size Download
AP Sealant – TIS 1305 90 kB
All-Purpose Fasteners – TIS 1001 93 kB
Coated Drive Pin Fastener – TIS 1008 414 kB
Concrete Drive Fasteners – TIS 1005 377 kB
Heavy Duty Fastener – TIS 1002 94 kB
Heavy Duty Plus Fastener – TIS 1009 380 kB
Heavy Duty Plus Fastener – TIS 1009 172 kB
Heavy Duty Seam Plate – TIS 1108 103 kB
Insulation Fastening Plate – TIS 1106 124 kB
Polymer Fastener – TIS 1006 467 kB
Polymer Fastener Insulation Plate – TIS 1107 125 kB
Pourable Sealer A-10 (Part A & Part B) – TIS 1303 106 kB
Pre-Assembled #12 Fastener and Plate – TIS 1003 446 kB
Pre-Assembled HD and HD Seam Plate – TIS 1018 416 kB
Pre-Assembled Heavy-Duty Fastener and Insulation Plate – TIS 1004 499 kB
Purlin Fastener Black E-Coated – TIS 1011 227 kB
QuickRoller™ – TIS 1419 533 kB
QuickSeam™ Yellow Safety Strip – TIS 1446 87 kB
Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive-1168 – TIS 824 351 kB
Single-Ply QuickPrime™ LVOC Primer – TIS 1435 431 kB
Single-Ply QuickPrime™ Primer – TIS 1436 435 kB
TIS 1426 – UltraPly™ QuickSeam™ Corner Flashing 85 kB
TPO 9.5″ QuickSeam™ Flashing – TIS 1434 435 kB
TPO QuickSeam™ Flashing – TIS 1417 373 kB
Termination Bar – TIS 1205 324 kB
UltraPly™ QuickSeam™ R.M.A. Strip – TIS 1422 439 kB
UltraPly™ QuickSeam™ Reinforced Perimeter Fastening (RPF) Strip – TIS 1423 430 kB
UltraPly™ QuickSeam™ T-Joint Cover – TIS 1425 417 kB
UltraPly™ TPO 8″ Reinforced Cover Strip – TIS 216 404 kB
UltraPly™ TPO 18″ Curb Flashing – TIS 208 81 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Custom Curb Flashing – TIS 218 510 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Custom Pipe Boots – TIS 217 360 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Cut Edge Sealant – TIS 1306 108 kB
UltraPly™ TPO General Purpose Sealant – TIS 1307 89 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Inside/Outside Corner – TIS 205 82 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Large Pipe Flashing – TIS 204 78 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Penetration Pocket Kit – TIS 206 197 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Platinum Membrane – TIS 209 101 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Reinforced Split Pipe Boot – TIS 219 419 kB
UltraPly™ TPO T-Joint Cover – TIS 203 269 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Universal Pipe Boot – TIS 215 397 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Universal QuickSeam™ Pipe Flashing – TIS 1424 448 kB
UltraPly™ TPO Unsupported Flashing – TIS 202 83 kB
Water Block Seal (S-20) – TIS 1304 194 kB
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