UC-500 Flush Panel Systems

UC-500 Flush Panel Systems

The 1-inch flush panel system is mechanically attached and installed in a sequential pattern. All panel systems are to be roll formed to specified dimensions and tolerances and shall be accurately formed.


  • 20-year warranty on coil-coated Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000®
  • Architectural embossed patterns
  • Bent and irregular shapes available
  • Factory applied sealant & vented profile available
  • Sequential installation
  • Side-lap joint sealant available
  • Special reveals available
  • Stiffening ribs available
  • Very lightweight

Material Options

  • Coil-coated aluminum (20-year warranty)
  • Copper in various gauges and finishes
  • Panel width 12″
  • Panel width 16″
  • Panel width 20″
  • Panel width 8″
  • Post-painted aluminum (short run, custom colors)
  • Steel coil-coated (20-year warranty) extra smooth galvanized

Finish Options

  • Coil-anodized
  • Custom coatings
  • Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® high performance fluorocarbon resinous coatings

Additional Information

  • Length restrictions apply
  • Oil canning is not a cause for rejection
  • Panel edges must be straight lines (no curves)
  • Panels cannot be radiused
  • Panels cannot be tapered
  • Panels may exhibit out of plane behavior
  • Panels may not be curve
File Name Size Download
Boonville Public Library Case Study – Item 1939 612 kB
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UC-500 and UC-501 Design Considerations 499 kB
UC-500 and UC-501 Panel Design Considerations 404 kB
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UC-500 Flush Panel For Architectural Soffit & Fascia Systems – TIS 2012 117 kB
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