Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems

Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems

Firestone Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems provide two restoration options that save money and conserve energy. Saving time, material and tear-off costs, these sustainable systems also provide reflective product options that lower cooling costs for your facility.

Firestone Aluminum Coating renders a cost effective solution to seal and protect metal roofs. Firestone Industrial Elastomeric White Coating assures a high level of reflective properties that keeps the roof near ambient air temperature, while minimizing the stress to fasteners and seams caused by thermal expansion and contraction.  Additional elastomeric color options are gray, tan and black. Formulated with a 100% acrylic polymer, the elastomeric system provides outstanding durability, excellent adhesion and superior water protection, while improving the life and appearance of your building.

Some other benefits include:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified product that may be eligible for tax and utility credits
  • Ease of installation, meaning minimal disruption for building tenants
  • Single-source supplier of all needed building products
  • Sustainable – Prolongs the need for roof replacement

Firestone Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems are eligible for Firestone 10-year System Warranty backed by an industry leader.

Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of installing Firestone Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems.

File Name Size Download
Metal Roof Coating Sell Sheet 772 kB
File Name Size Download
End Lap FC E-1 168 kB
FC-C-1 Cricket 131 kB
FC-E-2 End Lap 148 kB
FC-O-1 Outside Corner 155 kB
FC-P-1 Pipe Penetration 152 kB
FC-P-2 Penetration 155 kB
FC-R-1 Ridge 155 kB
FC-R-2 Ridge 158 kB
FC-R-3 Ridge 154 kB
FC-R-4 Ridge 157 kB
FC-R-5 Ridge 156 kB
FC-S-1 Skylight 170 kB
FC-T-1 Termination 146 kB
FC-T-2 Termination 125 kB
File Name Size Download
AG Firestone Industrial Elastomeric or Aluminum Roof Coating 113 kB
File Name Size Download
Clear Skylight Coating MSDS 29 kB
Elastomeric Seam Tape MSDS 29 kB
MSDS Acrylic Patch Cmnt White 32 kB
MSDS Acrylic Rust Inhibitive Mtl Pmr- White 33 kB
MSDS Ind Alum Rf Ctg – Silver 33 kB
MSDS Ind Elast Blk Rf Ctg 31 kB
MSDS Ind Elast Gray Rf Ctg 32 kB
MSDS Ind Elast Tan Rf Ctg 32 kB
MSDS Ind Elast White Rf Ctg 32 kB
MSDS Rust Inhibitive Mtl Pmr Red 38 kB
Polyester Fabric MSDS 28 kB
File Name Size Download
Acrylic Patching Cement – White – TIS 1611 97 kB
Acrylic Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer – TIS 1610 97 kB
Aluminum Roof Coating – TIS 1608 70 kB
Clear Skylight Coating – TIS 1614 272 kB
Elastomeric Seam Tape – TIS 1612 61 kB
Industrial Elastomeric Roof Coating – TIS 1607 70 kB
Polyester Fabric – TIS 1613 57 kB
Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer (Red) – TIS 1609 97 kB
File Name Size Download
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