SkyScape Vegetative Roof System

St.AugustineDonation_cropFirestone SkyScape™ Vegetative Roof System gives you five great options for an easy-to-install, sustainable roofing system that requires low maintenance, yet deliver high performance.

Available in an extensive modular tray system or an intensive multi-layered system, SkyScape provides a host of environmental benefits:


  • Creates an insulating layer that helps reduce building heating and cooling costs
  • Protects the roofing material from UV and heat stress degradation
  • Mitigates wind uplift
  • Extends the service life of the underlying roof system
  • Improves storm water management
  • Enhances air quality resulting from the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen and decreased ambient air temperature, which in turn reduces heat-island effect
  • Increases aesthetics and creates wildlife habitat
  • Qualifies for up to a 30-year Firestone Red Shield™ Warranty
  • Contributes to LEED®-certified green building projects

The SkyScape Vegetative System is designed to promote healthy plant growth. Both designs feature a protective root barrier, drainage and filtration layers, water retention reservoir for storm water metering, growing media and the plants themselves. They can also accommodate an irrigation system, if desired.

extensive tray(2)

Extensive Modular Tray Systems

For rooftop coverage of small to medium spaces, this modular system with lightweight vegetation is ideal for transforming your standard rooftop to a beautiful, sustainable feature. Modular trays feature a patented, interlocking design and are created with a self-metering storm water management system, which best suits plant life up to six inches tall. This minimal-maintenance eco-roof can be planted on the project site or pre-grown offsite. Also, because the modular trays are easy to move, you have the flexibility to accommodate changes of your building’s rooftop needs.



Intensive Multi-Layered Systems

To cover an entire rooftop or an expansive area, an intensive multi-layered system is well-suited for your building’s eco-needs. The intensive option offers more design freedom as it can be easily shaped to conform around bends, curves, low-slope and other unique shapes. This system provides a natural landscape feel and consists of many layers to encourage healthy plant growth, including foliage from one to six feet tall. Your building’s roofing membrane will be better protected from the elements with this tiered vegetative barrier.

Pick Your Plants

Your building’s weight bearing capacity needs to be considered when choosing vegetation for your new eco-friendly roof. Drought-tolerant and non-invasive mix of flowering are available for your selection. Plants can be installed from pre-planted trays, vegetative plugs or sedum blankets. They can also be hydro-planted with cuttings or seeds. A mix of local and native plants, such as sedums, grasses, perennials, natives and herbs are recommended for use with the SkyScape system. For Design Assistance or a Request for Quotation, please contact

SkyScape can be installed in conjunction with any of Firestone’s premium, fully adhered RubberGard™ EPDM and UltraPly™ TPO membranes as part of the Firestone EnviroReady™ Roofing System. You can also combine SkyPaver™ Composite Roof Pavers with SkyDrain™ drainage mats to create versatile rooftop living spaces.

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