Platinum PV Program

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Photovoltaic (PV) solar power can be a valuable asset to your building. But if that PV is installed on the wrong roofing system, it could be a financial disaster. Don’t put your rooftop PV system in the hands of just anybody. Trust the experts at Firestone to provide you with a comprehensive roofing and PV installation that minimizes your risk, while maximizing your return on investment.

Things to consider BEFORE installing a rooftop PV system:

  • Will the maintenance or eventual replacement of your roofing system disrupt the power output of your PV?
  • Who is responsible for paying to remove and reinstall your PV system during roof repair?
  • Has your current roofing system been fully evaluated as suitable for the traffic, weight and 25+ year performance of today’s PV systems?
  • Have you fully considered the risk of not having your roofing professional involved in the design and protection of your roofing system in its new role as the permanent substrate for your heavy, expensive and long-lasting PV installation?

Firestone can help you minimize the risk of installing PV on your commercial rooftop. To learn more, please download our Firestone Energy Solutions Brochure or visit our Deck Monitoring Service to learn more about PV in action at Firestone Building Products Bristol Plant.

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