EPDM Pre-Taped Membranes

Firestone EPDM pre-taped (PT) membranes dramatically expand the enormously popular RubberGard™ and EcoWhite™ product lines to include both 60-mil and the new 90-mil thicknesses.

EPDM Pre-Taped Membranes

In addition to the outstanding waterproofing and durability of EPDM membranes, pre-taping yields the following features and benefits:

  • Easier and faster installation which can significantly reduce labor costs
  • Factory installed seam tape yields higher quality seams
  • Seam tape is cut flush with membrane to yield a more aesthetic finished product

EPDM PT (60-mil) systems are eligible for a Red Shield™ Warranty up to 20 years. Platinum (90-mil) EPDM PT membranes, just like all Platinum EPDM membranes, qualify for a 30-year warranty, a leader in the industry.

File Name Size Download
Item 1136 EPDM Family Brochure 4 MB
File Name Size Download
TIS 110 RubberGard™ MAX PT 482 kB
TIS 111 RubberGard™ LS-FR PT 536 kB
TIS 115 RubberGard™ EcoWhiteTM EPDM PT Membrane 290 kB
TIS 116 RubberGard™ EcoWhite™ Platinum™ EPDM PT Membrane 290 kB
TIS 117 RubberGardTM Platinum™ EPDM PT 458 kB
TIS 816 Water Based Bonding Adhesive-P 422 kB
TIS 817 EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) 181 kB
TIS 824 Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive-1168 351 kB
TIS 1001 All-Purpose Fasteners 93 kB
TIS 1002 Heavy Duty Fastener 94 kB
TIS 1003 Pre-Assembled #12 Fastener and Plate 446 kB
TIS 1004 Pre-Assembled Heavy-Duty Fastener and Insulation Plate 499 kB
TIS 1005 Concrete Drive Fastener 377 kB
TIS 1006 Polymer Fastener 467 kB
TIS 1008 Coated Drive Pin Fastener 414 kB
TIS 1009 Heavy Duty Plus Fastener 172 kB
TIS 1011 Purlin Fasteners Black E-Coated 227 kB
TIS 1101 2″ Metal Plate 130 kB
TIS 1103 V-Plate 130 kB
TIS 1106 Insulation Fastening Plate 124 kB
TIS 1107 Polymer Fastener Insulation Plate 125 kB
TIS 1205 Termination Bar 324 kB
TIS 1206 Aluminum Drain Bar 299 kB
TIS 1303 Pourable Sealer S-10 (Part A & Part B) 106 kB
TIS 1304 Water Block Seal (S-20) 194 kB
TIS 1305 AP Sealant 90 kB
TIS 1308 Lap Sealant HS 93 kB
TIS 1401 QuickSeam Splice Tape 638 kB
TIS 1402 QuickSeam™ Flashing 417 kB
TIS 1403 QuickSeam™ Reinforced Perimeter Fastening (RPF) Strip 469 kB
TIS 1404 QuickSeam™ Batten Cover 464 kB
TIS 1405 QuickSeam™ FormFlash 408 kB
TIS 1406 QuickSeam™ Joint Cover 515 kB
TIS 1407 QuickSeam™ Curb Flashing 399 kB
TIS 1408 QuickSeam™ Corner Flashing 369 kB
TIS 1409 QuickSeam™ Pipe Flashing 431 kB
TIS 1410 QuickSeam™ Walkway Pad 495 kB
TIS 1411 QuickPrime Plus 550 kB
TIS 1412 QuickPrime™ Plus LVOC 399 kB
TIS 1413 QuickScrubber™ Plus Primer Application System 366 kB
TIS 1414 QuickSeam™ R.M.A. Strip 425 kB
TIS 1415 QuickSeam™ Penetration Pocket Kits 444 kB
TIS 1416 QuickSeam Conduit Flashing 372 kB
TIS 1419 QuickRoller™ 533 kB
TIS 1421 18” QuickSeam™ SA Flashing 408 kB
TIS 1436 Single-Ply QuickPrime™ Primer 435 kB
TIS 1443 QuickSeam™ SA Patch For Conduit Flashing 438 kB
TIS 1444 QuickSeam™ SA for Pipe Flashing 445 kB
TIS 1446 QuickSeam™ Yellow Safety Strip 87 kB
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