UltraPly TPO XR Stick Adhesive

UltraPly TPO XR Stick Adhesive

UltraPly™ TPO XR Stick Adhesive is part of Firestone’s family of membrane adhesives that help minimize the harmful effects of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the environment. With many options to fit the preferred method of application for roofing professionals, this two-part polyurethane adhesive can be used over many existing substrates including insulation, concrete, wood and metal.

Appropriate for a variety of new and reroof applications, this low-VOC, low odor adhesive is ideally suited for the installation of fully-adhered fleeceback UltraPly TPO XR roofing systems. With no adhesive fumes and fast cure time, XR Stick provides contractors a clean, fast and environmentally friendly installation. Strong, durable and UL/FM approved, XR Stick can be applied to the substrate in ribbons or beads of 4″, 6″ or 12″, depending on the jobsite requirements prior to installation of the membrane.

XR Stick Adhesive is available in convenient, easy-to-use twin cartridges and 5-gallon bag-in-a-box packages. Additionally, it can be covered under a 20-year Firestone Red Shield™ Warranty.

File Name Size Download
Item 1154 TPO XR Sell Sheet 726 kB
Item 1165 TPO UltraPly brochure 7 MB
Item 1320 UltraPly TPO XR 627 kB
File Name Size Download
UTXR-BT-01 Base Tie In with HD Seam Plates Fastened to Deck  128 kB
UTXR-BT-02 Base Tie In with HD Seam Plates Fastened to Wall/Curb 118 kB
UTXR-BT-03 Base Tie In Curb/Parapet with Existing Cant 129 kB
UTXR-BT-04 Shingle Base Tie-In  136 kB
UTXR-BT-05 Base Tie In with UltraPly TPO Coated Metal (with Break)  123 kB
UTXR-BT-06 UltraPly TPO Coated Metal (with Break) Splice  126 kB
UTXR-BT-07 Base Tie In with UltraPly TPO Coated Metal  125 kB
UTXR-BT-08 UltraPly TPO Coated Metal Splice  124 kB
UTXR-BT-09 Membrane Securement at Outside Corner  108 kB
UTXR-BT-10 Membrane Securement at Inside Corner  103 kB
UTXR-BT-11 Base Tie In Using XR Stick or I.S.O.Spray™ S Insulation Adhesive  56 kB
UTXR-BT-12 Two Piece Base Tie-in Using XR Stick or I.S.O.Spray S Insulation Adhesive  52 kB
UTXR-BT-13 Base Tie In with HD Seam Plates – Deck Obstruction 116 kB
UTXR-D-01 Roof Drain  70 kB
UTXR-LS-01 Lap Splice with Continuous Weld 155 kB
UTXR-LS-02 TPO XR Welded End Lap Splice with TPO cover Strip 110 kB
UTXR-LS-03 Lap Splice with Mechanical Attachment and 2″ Hand Weld 81 kB
UTXR-LS-04A Side Lap and End Lap Splice; T-Joint Cover – Step 1 & 2  107 kB
UTXR-LS-04B Side Lap and End Lap Splice; T-Joint Cover-Step 3 & 4 91 kB
UTXR-LS-05 Lap Splice with Head Lap under Field Seam using T-Joint Cover 90 kB
UTXR-LS-06 Lap Splice with Head Lap over Field Seam using T-Joint Cover 89 kB
UTXR-LS-07 Cut Edge Treatment Application 76 kB
UTXR-RE-02 Firestone EdgeGard Roof Edge  51 kB
UTXR-RE-03 Firestone Drain Bar 40 kB
File Name Size Download
AG TPO XR Application Guide 345 kB
QS-TPO-228 UltraPly TPO XR FA Concrete 5-20YR 227 kB
QS-TPO-229 UltraPly TPO XR FA Wood 5-20YR 228 kB
QS-TPO-230 UltraPly TPO XR FA Steel 5-20YR 230 kB
QS-TPO-231 UltraPly TPO XR FA LtWt Concrete 5-20YR 226 kB
QS-TPO-233 UltraPly TPO XR MAS Concrete 5-20YR 223 kB
QS-TPO-234 UltraPly TPO XR MAS Wood 5-20YR 224 kB
QS-TPO-235 UltraPly TPO XR MAS Steel 5-20YR 228 kB
File Name Size Download
TPO XR 135 SDS 32 kB
TPO XR Bonding Adhesive SDS 36 kB
XR Stick Adhesive Part 1 64 kB
XR Stick Adhesive Part 2 69 kB
File Name Size Download
TIS 202 UltraPly™ TPO Unsupported Flashing 83 kB
TIS 203 UltraPly™ TPO T-Joint Cover 85 kB
TIS 204 UltraPly™ TPO Large Pipe Flashing 78 kB
TIS 205 UltraPly™ TPO Inside/Outside Corner 82 kB
TIS 206 UltraPly™ TPO Penetration Pocket Kit 197 kB
TIS 207 UltraPly™ TPO XR Membrane 141 kB
TIS 208 UltraPly™ TPO 18″ Curb Flashing 81 kB
TIS 215 UltraPly™ TPO Universal Pipe Boot 397 kB
TIS 216 UltraPly™ TPO 8” Reinforced Cover Strip 404 kB
TIS 217 UltraPly™ TPO Custom Pipe Boots 360 kB
TIS 218 UltraPly™ TPO Custom Curb Flashing 510 kB
TIS 219 UltraPly™ TPO Reinforced Split Pipe Boot 419 kB
TIS 223 UltraPly TPO XR 135 Membrane 261 kB
TIS 825 XR Stick™ 558 kB
TIS 1001 All-Purpose Fasteners 93 kB
TIS 1002 Heavy Duty Fastener 94 kB
TIS 1003 Pre-Assembled #12 Fastener and Plate 446 kB
TIS 1004 Pre-Assembled Heavy-Duty Fastener and Insulation Plate 499 kB
TIS 1005 Concrete Drive Fastener 377 kB
TIS 1006 Polymer Fastener 467 kB
TIS 1008 Coated Drive Pin Fastener 414 kB
TIS 1009 Heavy Duty Plus Fastener 172 kB
TIS 1011 Purlin Fasteners Black E-Coated 227 kB
TIS 1106 Insulation Fastening Plate 124 kB
TIS 1107 Polymer Fastener Insulation Plate 125 kB
TIS 1108 Heavy Duty Seam Plate 103 kB
TIS 1109 HD Plus Seam Plate 380 kB
TIS 1205 Termination Bar 324 kB
TIS 1206 Aluminum Drain Bar 299 kB
TIS 1303 Pourable Sealer S-10 (Part A & Part B) 106 kB
TIS 1304 Water Block Seal (S-20) 194 kB
TIS 1305 AP Sealant 90 kB
TIS 1306 UltraPly™ TPO Cut Edge Sealant 108 kB
TIS 1307 UltraPly™ TPO General Purpose Sealant 89 kB
TIS 1417 TPO QuickSeam™ Flashing 373 kB
TIS 1419 QuickRoller™ 533 kB
TIS 1424 UltraPly™ TPO Universal QuickSeam™ Pipe Flashing 448 kB
TIS 1425 UltraPly QuickSeam T-Joint Cover 417 kB
TIS 1426 UltraPly™ QuickSeam™ Corner Flashing 386 kB
TIS 1427 ReflexEON™ TPO QuickSeam™ Cover Strip 148 kB
TIS 1434 TPO 9.5 QuickSeam Flashing 435 kB
TIS 1435 UltraPly™ TPO QuickPrime™ LVOC Primer 431 kB
TIS 1436 Single-Ply QuickPrime™ Primer 435 kB
TIS 1446 QuickSeam™ Yellow Safety Strip 87 kB
File Name Size Download
12-0508.05 TPO & TPO XR Over Lightweight Concrete Decks 572 kB
12-0514.02 TPO & TPO XR Over Recover Decks 557 kB
12-0514.02 TPO & TPO XR Over Recover Decks 557 kB
12-0514.03 TPO & TPO XR Over Concrete Decks 716 kB
12-0514.03 TPO & TPO XR Over Concrete Decks 716 kB
12-0625.02 TPO & TPO XR Over Steel Decks 601 kB
12-0625.02 TPO & TPO XR Over Steel Decks 601 kB
ESR-2831 Firestone TPO & TPO XR Single-Ply Roofing Membranes 95 kB
FL15894-R0 Firestone UltraPly TPO and TPO XR Sngle Ply Roof Systems 430 kB
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