Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive

Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive

Excellent Adhesion. Code Compliant.

Firestone Building Products Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive has a solvent-based formulation that is compatible with EPDM and TPO membranes, compliant with the Ozone Transport Commission’s (OTC) regulations on VOCs and provides better application to standard solvent-based bonding adhesives.

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Features and Benefits

Easiest Application

Smoothly applies and rolls.

Dries up to seven minutes faster than a major competitor.

Best Mixing

Firestone’s adhesive is designed to mix and pour smoothly.

Firestone is mixable as low as 20°F.

Fastest Flash-Off

Firestone’s opaque adhesive allows the contractor to better identify coverage areas.

Bonds EPDM and TPO membranes to approved insulations in addition to wood, metal, masonry and other acceptable substrates.


EPDM – New Construction

Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive Image

TPO – New Construction

For use where VOC content is of concern (except where SACQMD rule 1168 law applies)

Complementary Products

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EcoWhite™ EPDM Membrane

UltraPly™ TPO Membrane

Single-Ply LVOC Primer

Single-Ply LVOC Splice Wash


Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive Video

File Name Size Download
Cold Weather Product Matrix 1 MB
RubberGard™ EPDM Accessories Brochure – Item 1279 4 MB
Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive & Primer Sell Sheet – Item 1911 888 kB
File Name Size Download
Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive – SDS 1 MB
File Name Size Download
Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive – TIS 828 121 kB
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