fPP and fPP-R Geomembrane

fPP and fPP-R Geomembrane

Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane is a polypropylene/rubber-based membrane. Our standard product is reinforced with a scrim inserted between the top and bottom plies but it is also available in a non-reinforced panel. Flexible and heat-weldable, Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane is perfect for a variety of exposed and subsurface applications, including:

  • Agricultural Pits and Ponds
  • Aquaculture Applications
  • Canals
  • Evaporation Ponds
  • Exposed Covers and Caps
  • Floating Covers
  • Golf Course Water Features
  • Mining Applications
  • Water Conservation Applications
  • Water Reservoirs


Designed with exceptional tensile strength and excellent chemical and environmental stress-cracking resistance, Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane protects against punctures and remains unaffected by UV, ozone and soil bacteria. In addition, heat-welded seams mean Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane can be installed in relatively low ambient temperatures and ensures long lasting seams.

Field Installation

Firestone approved applicators can have pre-fabricated, large, custom sized panels delivered to your project location, reducing installation cost.

Potable And Environmentally Friendly

Firestone fPP-R is plasticizer and chlorine free. A certificate of NSF water purity is available if requested with placement of material order.


Our fPP-R Geomembrane system is complemented by a full line of accessories including Firestone fPP-R Flashing and Firestone fPP-R Welding Rod, making Firestone Building Products a convenient, one-stop source of materials for any commercial water feature or critical containment application.

File Name Size Download
Geomembrane Commercial & Industrial Brochure – GEO-2000 1,005 kB
File Name Size Download
Section I- fPP-R Geomembrane Specifiation Guide 99 kB
Section II- fPP-R Geomembrane Installation Guide 100 kB
File Name Size Download
Firestone fPP & fPP-R 34 kB
fPP-R Welding Rod SDS 34 kB
File Name Size Download
Firestone fPP-R Welding Rod – TIS 214 122 kB
QuickSeam FormFlash – TIS 503 234 kB
Reinforced Polypropylene (fPP-R) Geomembrane – TIS 300 277 kB
Termination Bar – TIS FSP-404 119 kB
fPP-R Geomembrane TIS 105 129 kB
File Name Size Download
Blank Sample Geomembrane 20 Year Warranty 151 kB
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