Firestone Celebrates 20 Years of Trusted TPO Roofing

Firestone Building Products Celebrates

Two-Decade Milestone of Trusted TPO Roofing Systems

The only manufacturer in the industry to maintain its proven TPO formulation for 20 years

INDIANAPOLIS (June 9, 2016)Firestone Building Products Company, LLC, a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive “Roots to Rooftops” product portfolio, is kicking off celebrations today for the 20th anniversary of its trademark Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing system, UltraPly™ TPO, which has earned its place as a trusted mainstay among the company’s innovative commercial roofing solutions.

The original Firestone Building Products UltraPly TPO formulation has remained steadfast since its debut in 1996. Thereafter, contractors, architects, building owners and facility managers have gained validation in their decisions to collectively install nearly 4 billion square feet of UltraPly TPO to achieve unparalleled building envelope performance.

“We are immensely proud not only of the success our UltraPly TPO has shown over the past 20 years, but of the confidence it has instilled in our customers, from architects to building owners,” said Tim Dunn, president of Firestone Building Products. “These two decades have proven that the longevity and performance of Firestone Building Products TPO is unmatched throughout the industry. We’re celebrating yet another milestone that reinforces, Nobody Covers You Better™.”

Firestone Building Products began its journey to become a global Thermoplastic polyolefin leader in 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where its first installation of UltraPly TPO still performs today, passing a real-world test in one of the most demanding climates.

In 2015, Firestone Building Products introduced its revolutionary Secure Bond™ Technology, the next generation in adhered roof system application. UltraPly™ TPO SA with Secure Bond™ Technology ensures adhesion coverage across the entire roofing membrane, establishing one of the most powerful bonds possible.

• For more information on UltraPly™ TPO SA with Secure Bond™ Technology, visit:

• Read the complete case study on the first Firestone Building Products UltraPly TPO installation:

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Firestone Building Products Celebrates Two-Decade Milestone of Trusted TPO Roofing Systems


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