Cold Weather Products

As the cold weather approaches, we want to make sure you are equipped with the proper tools and information to ensure you meet your fall and winter project needs.

Firestone Building Product’s Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive, item #W56358715L has been tested in both lab and rooftop conditions, and we are confident that this adhesive will provide the best mixing, easiest spreadability and fastest application for your needs.

In addition to our Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive, we also offer Single-Ply LVOC Primer which is formulated with a higher viscosity. This allows for the best application and flash off, particularly when ambient and substrate temperatures are 20°F (-6.7°C) and rising.

To help you identify which Firestone adhesives and primers that can be used in VOC regulated areas, particularly OTC states and Utah we have assembled a useful matrix.

For full list of our adhesive and primer product line, click here.

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